The truth about women in Tech

The truth is that sexism like in other industries exist in the tech world. This is an industry that is supposed to a realm of visionary futurists and tireless innovators who are making the world better.

As a mother of 3 I always wanted to work in the tech industry, I dreamed of working in an IT company. So I studied for 2 years to pass the Cisco certification exam. Everyone encouraged me even the engineers I worked with at the time supported me. So after months of consecutive nights staying up late, I finally passed. I could finally rewrite my resume. After passing the exams I started getting calls for job offers. The very first interview I went for landed me a job which was near my daughter's middle school. Things where going great.

I began my new job working with two gentlemen who had worked in telecom for over 40 years. They were well established and experts in their fields. Providing good instruction as I had to pick up on things quickly. Building PBS systems and programming them as a blast, I loved it. As I began talking and interacting with people at the office, I found out that I was the only female holding an engineering position. This interaction had a bad side to it as word got out that I had a family of 5. I normally leave work after my shift to go pick up my middle school daughter. I later found out that management had a problem with that. I was even told by my manager that “you’re a woman with children so you won’t be able to do your job.” I couldn’t believe it they where telling me that they had issues with me having kids.

It wasn’t long before comments similar to that and including uncomfortable comments became overwhelming. It made no sense to as I was told that my work production was not an issue, but rather me being a mother with children was. I spent my last days writing my very first children’s book. I wanted girls to feel empowered and confident in their abilities. I eventually left the company. HR apologized but it was too late.

The case is almost similar to that of AJ Vandermeyden who after working as a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company wanted to switch jobs, and she also fancied the tech industry. So after moving to California, she got a job at Telsa, and for some time things were good.

She worked at Telsa as a product specialist. Her job required her to work with groups. After working for a few months, she noticed that her salary was lower than that of everyone else in the group, including several new hires who had come to Tesla straight out of college. She was, as it happened, the only woman in the group. Her supervisors, and her supervisors’ supervisors, were male, all the way up the chain, it seemed, to the CEO himself.

She also found out that her other colleagues were getting promotions and raises but she wasn't. She tried to take the matter up with management but they always kept dodging her, finally when they meywuth her they told her that in order to be given a raise, she would have to increase the rate of the production line by a hundred per cent within a year. This was an impossible task, they just wanted her to fail. Seeing no other option, she filed a lawsuit against the company comprising of sex discrimination, retaliation, and other workplace violations.

Telsa then offered her a severance package in order to let the lawsuit go away, but when she rejected it they fired her.

There are lots of cases similar to this some even worse, several women have come out saying they were sexually assaulted by males in tech companies. In spite of all these, there are some ways to prevented all these and enjoy your career as a woman in the tech industry.


Speaking Up: Don't be quiet, being quiet about it will make it continue. You speaking about it will enable others to know that the problem is out there. Also speaking about it may help you find others within the company who are suffering the same thing. And together all of you can merge to speak with one voice.

Help a Woman Out: Even if you aren't experiencing these things, if you see another woman being ignored don't join the fray. Women have to stick together that's the only way change can start. Also in the workplace try and help other women with any problems they may have.

Talk Yourself Up: While within the company try and make friends, having connections within the company can really help. So you need to brush up on your communication and networking skills.

So that's it folks hope this article was enlightening. Stay safe.