Pushing into your greatness

I've always wanted more out of life, but it was until I reached my 30’s that I realized what exactly it has as I wanted to do. Before then I was bouncing from job to job. At first in my 20s  I wanted to be a real estate agent but that didn't work out so well due to the market crash.

After this I got a job working in the mailroom of an ICT company, not the ideal job right, but I had bills to pay. As time went on I climbed the company ladder slowly by getting a few promotions. Despite all this I still knew within me that I can as meant to do something else with my life, something i was good at, like I was meant for something more. And I wasn't going to achieve it by staying at a job that brought me no joy. I even asked my husband if I could quit my job and try and figure out what I was meant to do, but we both decided it wasn't the right time.

So in order to achieve my goal of finding my calling? I experimented with lots of things. I wanted to see what i felt comfortable with and what I would continue to love doing for years to come. Then I finally found it. After 30 years of Search, I finally discovered that I was good at writing. Not just writing I was good at conveying messages to children in fun and exciting ways. My books teach basic technology terms to the little ones.

So as you can see , I didn't discover my potential in one day, I had to work to work towards it, by trying different things, I had a goal in mind and I strived to achieve it. It took some tune but it was worth the wait.

You too can do this. It's not to late to push into your greatness. You can achieve any goal you want. As long as you gave the persistence to continue even when you hit some setbacks, believe me it will be worth it.

For those of you that want more you need to Start asking yourself: Is this all that I have to offer? Is this all that i will ever amount to? Is this the best that i can do? I know for a fact that you can do more and be more then you are currently doing, most people are living life on first gear, it’s time to step it up and live life on the highest level and to never stop until you succeed, become the right person and success will be yours.


 In order to achieve the greatness you’re capable of, you must do the following:

Set a goal: A goal gives you at target, a purpose this way you focus and channel all your attention and energy into one thing. Any goal you set has to be attached to your core being, something you are passionate about. This will give you the motivation you need to go beyond your limits. If you don't have a goal, then you're wasting your energy randomly and you'll never get anything done.

Push in short bursts: This will help you build your tolerance. You use this method to test the Waters, well sort of. This enables you to get accustomed to the work you're doing, and then you can easily increase the pace.

Challenge yourself to take one more step: This has to do with giving up. It's a system employed by others who have succeeded and they swear by it.  When you feel like giving up, just push a little harder. Imagine dying of thirst just a few feet from a spring.


So  be ambitious, be a dreamer and know that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. People become great the moment they decide to be. No more living like average people it’s time to push yourself towards greatness.